Tri- State Athletics
Individual Athletes

Our mission is to offer a thorough and straight forward program to athletes diverse in their athletics and academic abilities. We believe that this approach nurtures self- confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, teamwork, leadership and good citizenship. The finest attributes of this organization lie in its strength, vitality and consistency within our community. Our mission is also to provide an opportunity for our young leaders of tomorrow to pursue their athletics and academic dreams. We intend to provide them with excellent preparation for the demands and rigors of college. Commiting to a strong code of ethics and fair play teaches a young athlete to accept personal responsibility and to feel a sense of involvement with their peers, coaches, the team and the community at large. We structure reasonable goals for individuals and support them in all of theirs efforts to succeed.

Annual membership $75.00
this membership allows our athletes to recieve discounted rates on,club,personal,group training ,also membership fees will help provide Organization with insurance, website,etc.
Please contact us for further details